Planned exhibitions

Disenchant Rodents III

The Council and the Bielany District Council of the Capital City of Warsaw, Rodent Club PL and Specializovaná organizace chovatelů potkanů have the honor to invide you to 3rd Bielańska Show – rat show, mice show and show of small exoticsm, which will take place during the “Disenchant Rodents III” event!

The exhibitions and the show will take place on 9 September 2018 in the building of the Bielany District Office of the Capital City of Warsaw at ul. Żeromskiego 29 (entrance from Jarzębski Street).

The admission for visitors is FREE!

The exhibitions and show will be open to visitors: 10:00 – 18:00.

On the other hand, for exhibitors between 8:00 – 18:00 (accepting rats and mice: 8:00 – 9:30).

Applications are accepted to 01.09.2018, solely to the adress: This deadline is final and we do not expect it to be renewed. You will need to submit the pedigrees / metrics of the submited animals to the e-mail along with the application (not required for non-pedigree rats and racial mice).

Application forms:

The application can be completed manually or electronically. When sending the application e-mail at, the signature is not required, however, the signed application should be taken with you for the exhibition itself.

Each participant of the exhibition must be familiar with the Rules of Disenchant Rodents III. Failure to comply with the Rules results in expelling from the exhibition.

By the time the applications are closed, the exhibitor may withdraw, change the amount or exhibited animals without any charges. After 01.09.2018, animals can’t be withdrawn and if the animal doesn’t simply arrive, the exhibitor is obliged to pay a fee for all reported animals.

Exhibition fees:

  • entrance fee:
    • for signed rats: 5 PLN,
    • for signed mice:
      • for members of RCPL: 5 zł,
      • for members of NMC i NKV: 10 zł,
  • application of each rat:
    • for members of RCPL and SOCHP: 10 PLN,
    • for others: 15 PLN,
  • rats accompanying (non-assesed): 5 PLN,
  • application of  each mouse: 5 zł,
  • rental of duna / faunabox: 10 PLN.

The fees will be accepted to RCPL account: 98 1540 1287 2001 3558 8993 0001 (Bank for Environmental Protection S.A.) until 26.05.2018. After confirmation of the payment and the hand-signed application, the exhibitors will be given their own identifiers and show catalog.

Exhibitors are only allowed to exhibit at the exhibition grounds:
– pedigree / metrics (not required for animals without pedigree),
– hand-signed application for the exhibition,
vet certificate.docx / vet certificate.pdf
issued no later than 3 days before the exhibition (recommended two visits a week apart).

Any unregisted and uncontrolled rat can not appear in the exhibition area.

Exhibitors (including their associates) are required to own and use their own antimicrobial agent with the widest possible spectrum of action.

The exhibitor is obliged to ensure that visitors touch animals anonymously. Animals can be touched by visitors / exhibitors only in the exhibition area, with the consent of the owner and after prior disinfection of the hands.

Exhibitor is obliged to report any dangerous situations to the organizer (like illegally brought to the exhibition of animals, behavior of visitors, etc.).

We invite all the owners of rats and mice with their pets. Rats will be awarded in categories for pedigree and non-pedigree, as well as Best In Show prizes for pedigree and non-breeding rats!

As part of the event “Disenchant Rodents III”, in addition to the exhibition will be held:
– educational games and contest for kids in the children’s corner,
– meetings with owners, rat lovers and breeders.